It’s taken three months of hard work, using small groups of local volunteers, but finally all trees and shrubs are in the ground at Hazeland. Many thanks to our trustees and volunteers who have braved a lot of mud, and to the Woodland Trust, who donated almost all our trees, supplemented by an extra 400 from Protect Earth.

Photo by Philip Smith

Of course, now we need to protect the trees from competitive grass that will take nutrients and water from around the tree bases, and from possible spring drought. We have decided not to use glyphosate, so we’re experimenting with various mulching options – wood chip, sheep wool and hessian. We’d like to combine with newspaper in some areas, so if you receive a paper copy of your favourite daily and can build up a supply for us, we’d be pleased to hear from you. Unfortunately, magazines and office paper can’t be used. Please contact ANT via if you can help. Many thanks.

Mulching around university research trees – photo by Alister Wynn

In the area set aside for University of Bristol research, the team is experimenting to see whether using leaf litter from the ancient woodland as mulch, plus an inoculation of ancient woodland soil, will enhance tree growth.