Avon Needs Trees is a registered charity creating new, permanent woodland throughout the Bristol-Avon catchment to fight the climate and ecological emergencies.

We fundraise to buy land to create woodlands that will stand for generations, locking up carbon, boosting local biodiversity, and providing natural flood management as well as publicly accessible green space where appropriate.

ANT was founded in 2019 by environmentalist Nikki Jones and a small band of volunteers.  They were concerned by how deforested our area had become and that no charity existed to buy land in our catchment to guarantee the permanence of new woodlands.

Since our formation in 2019, we have had two incredibly successful projects in Wiltshire, purchasing two sites of 47 acres, planting and caring for 22,000 native trees with the help of hundreds of volunteers from local and surrounding communities.

In 2023 we started planting Great Avon Wood; a ground-breaking partnership with the Forest of Avon Trust. With over 100 acres of land and 40,000 trees to plant and care for this is our most ambitious project yet. We have also planted Ed Woods, our first Land Partnership venture, which means we are working with the site landowners to create permanent woodland.

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Why does Avon need trees?

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Our Approach to Woodland Creation

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