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    I have some saplings/trees that need a new home. Can I donate them to ANT?

    While we really appreciate offers of saplings and trees, we are only able to plant trees on site which have a necessary tree passport from a nursery. This is part of our biosecurity policy which prevents disease being brought onto the land from elsewhere.

    Is my land large enough for you to plant on?

    Our projects so far have been on land more than 10 acres in size.  We are interested in hearing about opportunities, larger and smaller, but garden-sized projects are often suited to very localised volunteer groups.

    Can I suggest land for tree planting?

    We really value local people scouting their area for land where we could plant trees.  Ideally we would like to hear about land that is either for sale, where the owner is contactable or where there is interest from a potential seller or partner.

    When can I help to plant trees?

    We plant trees during the planting season.  Some tree planting starts before Christmas but most of our trees are planted between January and March each year.  We do value volunteer efforts outside the planting season to help care for newly planted trees.

    Will you help protect an existing woodland?

    New woodlands will only make an impact if existing woodlands are also protected.  When we create new woodlands, we prefer to use this opportunity to help connect existing woodlands.

    Our first project, Hazeland, planted 10,000 trees as part of a wider project, allowing ANT to protect 10 acres of existing ancient woodland.

    When we fundraise to buy land, we make plans to pay for the long-term maintenance of that land, new woodlands and existing.
    This means that we can only acquire existing woodlands as part of wider projects involving our core mission of woodland creation.  It would not be right of us to offer to maintain an existing woodland, in isolation, where we do not have the finance in place to guarantee long-term maintenance of the woodland.