Neighbours, volunteers, ANT staff, and Metro Mayor Dan Norris gathered on Tuesday to celebrate the naming of Hick Meads Wood. This is the first of three woodlands that make Great Avon Wood, an ambitious 100 acre project in partnership with Forest of Avon Trust.

Earlier this year we invited neighbours of the new wood to help us choose a name of local and historical significance, drawing up a short list which Hicks Mead was selected from. Historical estate surveys refer to this area as Hicks Mead or Hix Mead (mead = meadow), while the neighbours refer to this area as “the meadows”. As part of our plans for the new woodland, we are also maintaining the ancient ridge and furrow earthworks as an open meadow, so Hicks Mead Wood was a perfect choice.

We had a wonderful celebration, with neighbours joining us on foot from all directions, and some families even arriving with three generations. Mayor Dan Norris gave a hand carved wooden sign to neighbours who unwrapped it to reveal the new name, and people gathered to drink cider, eat cake, and celebrate a new beginning for the wood.

Thank you to all who joined us for this wonderful occasion, and a special thanks to neighbours of Great Avon Wood who helped us name Hick Meads Wood. While tree planting may be finished until November, there are plenty more opportunities to get involved with our conservation days over Spring and Summer and we hope to see many of you there.

If you are looking for another way to support our work at Great Avon Wood, we are also fundraising to ensure our newly planted baby trees have the best chance for survival, and to make sure the site stays open and safe for visitors. Every donation is matched by the Save our Wild Isles Aviva Community fund, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to double your impact.

Photo credit: WECA