Pudding Brook Wood by Daisy Brasington

We are appealing for help to find our next piece of land to plant a new woodland and are calling for landowners who would like to sell land or partner with ANT to get in touch!

ANT’s Director Dave Wood said “Following two incredibly successful projects in Wiltshire planting 22,000 trees, we are excited to be searching for our next piece of land! We are in a climate and ecological emergency so we need to work quickly to increase woodland cover. However, it is really important to us that the new woodlands benefit local communities and that we work together with the local agriculture and landscape in mind, planting the right tree in the right place. If you are a landowner and interested in working with us or hearing more about what we do, please get in touch!”

Farmer and ANT volunteer Tara Castle says “I initially got involved with ANT when they purchased their first site, which neighbours my farm. As a landowner and wildlife enthusiast myself I understand the importance of mitigating the biodiversity and climate emergencies we are facing in a way that works collaboratively with local communities and with agriculture. ANT does exactly that so I would encourage landowners who are interested to get in touch. Agriculture will be adversely affected by these emergencies more than most industries. Working with ANT is a great way to make a positive contribution.”

If you would like to get in touch, please contact Director Dave Wood at dave.wood@avonneedstrees.org.uk.