Recently we were approached by Sarah Thorp who owns the art gallery Room 212 and the café/bar Alchemy 198 on Gloucester Road. She told us her customers are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their consumption, so she’s come up with a plan.

Sarah has had hundreds of business card-sized vouchers printed (all on recycled paper with water-based ink). Now her customers, who are buying local art or just enjoying a pint, can offset their purchases by buying a voucher for a few square metres of Hazeland. Each voucher gets us closer to building new, permanent forest.

The vouchers can also be bought as Christmas gifts to put inside your Christmas cards. Go along to either of Sarah’s businesses and pick one up for yourself!

Sarah has also been a big champion of Avon Needs Trees in the press, organising newspaper articles in Bristol 24/7 and Bristol Live going on BBC Radio Bristol with John Darvall to talk about us. Thanks a lot Sarah!