Avon Needs Trees is delighted to be hosting two events with economist and author Chris Goodall. The first will be in Bristol at the Wills Memorial Building on March 30th, and the second will be at Chippenham Town Hall on March 31st. Chris will be discussing his new book – What We Need To Do Now – and briefly explaining the options we have for avoiding 1.5 degrees of warming. This includes land use and reforestation, as well as cutting carbon from complex sectors such as aviation, clothing and steel production


Chris is one of the UK’s leading thinkers on these subjects and we’re so excited to be bringing him to the South West. We hope you’ll join us to hear Chris talk about the biggest ideas his book offers up, have your questions answered and pick up a copy of What We Need To Do Now for £9.99.

Tickets for the event in Bristol are available on Eventbrite and Facebook and cost £8 for adults and £3.50 for students.

Chippenham tickets are also on Eventbrite and Facebook and cost £5.