We are very excited to announce our brand new woodland site near Shepton Mallet!

Ed Woods is our first Land Partnership venture, meaning that ANT will work with the site landowners to create permanent woodland, rather than fundraising to buy the site. The permanence of the woodland is guaranteed by a new environmental legislation passed in September 2022 called the “Conservation Covenant”.

Conservation Covenants are agreements between land-owners and a “responsible body” – in this case, Avon Needs Trees – that guarantees the long-term conservation of the land. This agreement is legally binding on the landowner and for subsequent owners of the land. We are particularly excited about this because not only is this our first Land Partnership, as far as we know it is also the first of its kind with the UK!

Thank you to the landowners Bob and George, who have partnered with ANT to create a new woodland to honour their parents’ life after inheriting the land from their late father. We would also like to thank the Forest of Avon Trust for their funding and support.

We need all hands on deck to plant 4000 trees over the next few weeks. Come help us create this new permanent woodland by signing up for our volunteering days on our Volunteering page.