Huge thanks to the 139 of you who donated £7,239 (plus an estimated £1,352.25 in gift aid!) to our Crowdfunder campaign that closed last Friday. We smashed through our initial goal of £5,000 and got much closer to our stretch goal of £8,000 than we expected to! Thank you so much.

Also, while it hasn’t shown up in our crowdfunder total, we’ve noticed a distinct uptick in donations through our website. Huge thanks also to everyone who’s donated in this way!

But that’s not all the good news – We’ve also had a wonderful £10,000 from the team at Natracare. Very many thanks to them.

On top of all of that, we’ve also been offered the five acres that connects two of our fields (field 4 on the map below), making the site a more manageable shape and design. An exciting stretch goal for us!

Meanwhile, the report from our extended habitat survey at Seend is also back. Neill Talbot from Avellana Ecology has identified, as we suspected, some good meadow habitat for invertebrates, pollinators and many other species (we will improve these areas), plus good potential around the natural ponds and in the unmanaged hedgerows. The latter provide particularly good hibernation and refuge habitat.

We still have some way to go towards our fundraising goal, so please donate through our website if you can, and don’t forget our gift cards which allow you to buy square metres as presents (£2.50 buys us one square metre). We will do the sending for you. We aim to be in a position to buy the land by next Spring. 

Soon we will also have a selection of Christmas gift cards available! Thanks to Peter Marsh for letting us use this beautiful, wintery photo of a robin.