Thank you so much for your support. Our Crowdfunding campaign to make South West’s biggest new woodland in a generation a reality closed on 14th March.

Avon Needs Trees had just six weeks to fundraise £100,000 to help buy the land and establish the Lower Chew Forest, a 420 acre new woodland creation project between Bristol and Bath, which will the establishment of 100,000 trees and shrubs and create a mosaic of complimentary habitats, including wetlands, miles of hedgerow, and species-rich grassland.

With the support of over 1,000 individuals and businesses we have smashed our target and raised £120,613 on Crowdfunder and £27,560 in offline donations, to help us buy the land.  With GiftAid this amount rises to £171,955!

We are now working relentlessly to get the purchase of Wick Farm across the line. Once we own the land we will be working hard to raise funds to plant the woodland.  Watch this space for very exciting updates!

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The opportunity

Avon Needs Trees has been creating permanent woodlands since 2019, with four established woodlands under our belt.

We know how difficult it is to buy land, particularly at scale. That’s why when we first saw the link for Wick Farm (with your help the new Lower Chew Forest) we were taken aback: land as vast as 420 acres rarely comes up around Bristol and Bath, where land is increasingly fragmented.  

The more we looked into it the more excited we became.  

The potential of the 420 acres is enormous. Much of the land is suitable for woodland creation on a large scale – your donation will help to establish 100,000 trees – whilst the rest lends itself to creating a mosaic of valuable habitats, including wetlands, a mile of new hedgerows and species-rich grassland. The land also provides opportunities for us to explore regenerative food production and agroforestry.

Government analysis by the Environment Agency shows this new woodland, along with leaky dams and wetland habitat, would help reduce downstream flooding in local villages, Keynsham, and Bristol. 

And of course, a new, large woodland offers significant health and wellbeing benefits for people, as well as great potential for education opportunities and skills development for the green economy.

With government and other grants coming together to pay a portion of the cost of the land and woodland creation, and an environmentally-focussed bank interested in loaning us some of the money, we are now incredibly close to being able to make this nationally significant new woodland a reality.

Whilst our Crowdfunder has now closed, we are still seeking longer term individual and business partnerships to help us establish the new woodland habitats.

Support our campaign

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Donate as an individual

Our Crowdfunder has now closed. However, you can still support our work by visiting our Donation page.

If you are an individual looking to donate over £10,000 to help us buy, plant and protect the trees through a partnership please register your interest here.

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Donate as a business

We are still looking for like-minded businesses to support the Lower Chew Forest through exciting longer term partnership opportunities. Sponsorship is open to businesses who want to donate over £750, whilst partnerships are open to businesses who want to donate more than £10,000.

If you are a business looking to discuss these options further please register your interest here.

Donate as a business

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Become a partner

Lower Chew Forest also needs longer term partnerships with mission aligned, passionate individuals and companies looking to make larger scale donations to help us secure the land and ensure its ongoing success. 

Selected partners will be given the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by naming an area of the site.

If you are a business looking to donate over £10,000 through a partnership, please register your interest here.

If you are an individual looking to donate over £10,000 through a partnership please register your interest here, or email to arrange a chat with someone from our team.

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