Farmers have been the custodians of our countryside for generations, often doing great work to nurture habitats for wildlife.

We often hear from farmers who are concerned about the decrease in birds and other species in their local area.  You may want to do more to use your land to help nature but might not have the time to look for funding or to plant as many trees as you would like.

Avon Needs Trees can partner with landowners to help create woodlands.  We can run the project, apply for funding and help with long-term aftercare, taking the hassle out of using your land to benefit the countryside even more.  All we ask is that we enter into an agreement to ensure new woodlands are protected to ensure permanence.

We also share your concerns about food security and not taking key land out of food production.  Avon Needs Trees never plants on the best grade agricultural land that is best protected for food production.  As part of our projects, we plan food forests or orchards to help food production.  We are planning to work with local farmers to use our grasslands for grazing, and build agro-forestry into our projects where that is suitable for the land.

If you have land you would like to use for woodland creation, contact us to find out more.