Volunteers at Stanley Lane. Photograph by Daisy Brasington

“Over the course of 40 days, we have had over 500 volunteers plant thousands of trees to create the new permanent woodland to help fight the climate crisis and create vital space for nature and biodiversity to thrive.

A huge thank you to everyone who gave their time to join us on site, we have been truly bowled over by the response and we could not have achieved this without your help.We are also grateful to the specialists who helped us design and implement our planting plan, along with the many companies, organisations, trusts, councils and individuals who helped fund this project.

We are now actively looking for our next piece of land and would like to hear from landowners who would like to sell their land or partner with ANT to create a new permanent woodland.” – Dave Wood, Director of Avon Needs Trees

We will be running volunteer days in future for the ongoing management of Stanley Lane, as well as plenty of days planned over February and March for tree planting and other conservation tasks at our Hazeland site.