Seend resident Jo McManus is definitely doing all she can to help us raise the funds we need to buy the 19 acres at Seend. On the 27th February, Jo will be running ten kilometres round local villages – dressed as a tree! We’re told the costume will be spectacular and if Covid allows, we’ll be there to cheer her on.


If you would like to support ANT by supporting Jo, please contribute to her Just Giving page. With a few weeks still to go until the run itself, she has already raised £882 – well over her initial target of £500!

We’re grateful to another ANT supporter, who has taken on a personal running challenge to raise money for Seend. Leonora Fox took up running last April and by the end of the year had run 400km. In 2021 she plans to double this, running at least 15km every week, including over 100km in April!

By the second week of February she had already reached 100km for the year and raised more than £325! If you would like to sponsor Leonora head over to her Go Fund Me page.