Smiling volunteer tree planting at Stanley Lane
Image - Canopy and Stars

Partnering with Avon Needs Trees, enables your business to:

  • Contribute to tackling the climate and nature emergencies, locally
  • Provide social value by supporting volunteering in the local community, increasing skills and wellbeing
  • Attract, motivate and retain employes
  • Increase brand awareness and strengthen your brand, as you join other like environmentally-focused businesses
  • Attract new environmentally-minded customers

By supporting Avon Needs Trees, you are supporting a tree planting project with a difference:

  • We ensure permanence.  Because we buy the land we plant on, and maintain our woodlands in the long-term, you don’t need to worry about whether the trees will still be there in fifty years’ time.
  • We offer additionality.  Because we buy land not currently protected for conservation, you know the woodland will only be created because of your donation.
  • We are local.  Our new woodlands deliver a benefit to your local area too: boosting biodiversity, helping natural flood management and offering new opportunities for community involvement.  Our projects are high profile: your customers will hear about it and can benefit from it too.
  • You can get involved.  Because we are local, you can visit our trees, and you can join us on one of our woodland sites for a day of corporate volunteering to help plant and care for the young trees.

Avon Needs Trees does not partner with just any business, however.  We work with businesses that are actively reducing their own carbon impact.  Our partnership sends the message that you are serious about carbon.

Your business can partner with us through pro bono support or other support such as financial donations supporting land purchases to outdoor clothing to help make volunteering at our sites more accessible.

If your business is interested in becoming one of our partners, Contact Us to find out more.

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1% for the Planet

Avon Needs Trees is proud to be part of the 1% for the Planet network, which connects businesses and not for profits to protect the planet. If you own a business, consider joining 1% for the Planet, naming Avon Needs Trees as your beneficiary. Everyone wins! More info at

Our Business Supporters

We would like to say thank you to the businesses that have helped us so far.  This includes:

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