ANT’s CEO Dave Wood wants to respond to the climate and nature emergencies by driving high impact, well-reasoned change in the world around us. Living in the countryside between Bristol and Bath, Dave is committed to change in our catchment to slow flooding, store more carbon, and create wild spaces close to where people live.

Dave has a background in local government, including being a unitary authority councillor for 17 years in Wiltshire and Somerset, and is currently Deputy Leader (Priorities & Delivery) of Bath & North East Somerset Council.   Highlights included setting the Council’s ‘plant 100,000 trees’ target and driving up recycling rates.  Dave was Lead Local Flood Authority chair and sat on the boards of the Wessex Regional Flood & Coastal Committee and the erstwhile Mendip Hills AONB.

Dave has also worked in campaign management, in local, regional and national campaigns, and in the charity sector including for Citizens Advice and for a local reuse and recycling project.

Dave immediately recognised the huge potential of Avon Needs Trees to drive change and has spearheaded our rapid growth of impact over the last three years.