We have trees in the ground!! After an extraordinary year of hard work by Trustees, volunteers and supporters of all kinds, our Woodland Trust trees were delivered yesterday and planting finally began.

Trenches to store tree whips
Trenches to store tree whips – 17/12/20
The first birch trees planted at Hazeland
The first birch trees planted at Hazeland! – photo by Mala Tu 17/12/2020

Over January and February almost 10,000 trees and shrubs will be planted at Hazeland, leaving substantial areas to rewild naturally. See below for the detailed planting plan put together by our wonderful volunteer Woodland Officers – Alister Wynn and Chris Horwood. Together, they have contributed enormously to our Land Management team, conducting soil tests, overseeing contractors, and generally getting involved in all aspects of managing Hazeland. Huge thanks to both of them!

Planting plan