Avon Needs Trees is always looking for ways to amplify the benefits of buying and owning land, and one way is to allow local universities access for their long-term research.

At Hazeland, we have allocated a section of land to Tommaso Jucker, NERC Research Fellow and Lecturer at the University of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences. Tommaso and his students will be able to conduct research into tree growth and carbon sequestration for decades to come, with no fear that the land will be sold or the owner will change land-use plans.

Tomasso at Hazeland
Tomasso at Hazeland – 09.01.2021

The carbon ‘locked up’ in the growing biomass of the trees will be precisely measured, as will the impact of restoring below ground biodiversity by adding soil fungi and leaf litter from the ancient woodland. Will these additions improve the survival and growth of young trees during the critical early stages of reforestation? The research findings will be fed up to the Crowther Lab in Switzerland, the HQ of international afforestation research, of which ANT is a member.