From climate action to heritage, we host talks on a variety of topics with a range of expert speakers. Our online talks are recorded so you can access them at anytime – check out our video archive below.

Britain’s Ancient Forest – Legacy and Lore, with Julian Hight

Orchard Talk - with Nick Gates

Water Consciousness - With Bea Martin and David Johnson

An introduction to the world of fungi and mycorrhizal networks - With Josh Rogers

Nature Recovery - Making this happen in the Marden Valley - With Roger Griffin

Ancient Woodland Inventory - With Euan McKenzie

A Forager's Tales - With Fred Gillam

Water Voles and Beavers - With Elliot Newton

Celebrating the Woodland Dawn Chorus - With Steve Oakes

The History of Pewsham Forest - With Nick Baxter

Butterflies of Morgan Hill - With Nick Self

Pollinators: The Crucial Role They Play and How We Can Protect Them - With Mike Garrett

Tree Planting, Carbon, and Climate - With Tommaso Jucker and Nikki Jones

Are We Losing the Opportunity for a Green Recovery? - With Nikki Jones

Birds of Wiltshire and the Marden Valley: Challenges They Face - With Matt Prior and Nick Adams

What We Need To Do Now - With Chris Goodall

What You Can Do To Ensure A Green Recovery - With Nikki Jones

The Climate Crisis and Individual Actions - With Nikki Jones