Signing up:

How do I sign up for a regular volunteering day?

To sign up for our regular volunteering days, please read our Guidance Document and complete the Registration Form. Once this is complete, you can register for the volunteer days on our Volunteering Opportunities page.

If you wish to sign up for more than one eventbrite place, please make sure that all attendees have completed a registration form in advance of the day. Young persons aged 10-18 do not need to be registered as a volunteer, but a Parental Supervision Form must be completed in advance.

How do I arrange a corporate volunteering day?

Please visit our Corporate Volunteering page and get in touch with us at


Are volunteer days suitable for children?

Young persons aged 10-18 are very welcome to attend our volunteer days! However we do require that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who will accept responsibility and provide constant supervision for that child throughout the session. If this applies to you, it is essential that you complete the Parental Supervision Form in advance. Young persons under 18 do not need to be registered as a volunteer.

For children under 10, we also run events, family days, and forest school sessions open to all ages. Visit our Events page to find out more.

Do I need to make a donation?

Our regular volunteer days are free to attend so we do not require a donation. Donations are of course welcome if this is something you would like to do, please visit our Donate page for more information.

For our corporate days we do rely on donations for a certain amount per head or in exchange for expertise. Please see our Corporate Volunteering page to find out more.


Can I attend each week?

Yes! We offer tree planting events every week throughout the planting season (December-March) and across our different woodlands, so we very much hope our volunteers will want to come back each week and help to create forests of the future.

During the summer months, volunteer opportunities continue with conservation days which involve caring for the saplings and supporting them to thrive, so year-round there are volunteering opportunities to get involved with!

What if I can't commit to volunteering every week?

We hold the door open for volunteers to join us as frequently or infrequently as they are able. We prefer a regular monthly commitment, but it’s also great to simply spend a day volunteering whenever you can.

Our volunteer days are hugely popular and limited to the number of people we can accommodate, so if you’ve booked on to a volunteering day, please do try to honour that commitment. If plans change (because we know they do sometimes), give as much notice as possible so another volunteer can take your place.

On the day:

How long are the volunteer days?

Volunteer days run 10am to 4pm (10am to 3pm in winter). There is a lunch break included.

If you have access requirements that make this length of time unsuitable for you, please contact us to discuss at

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring water bottles, a packed lunch and any other snacks and drinks that you will need throughout the day.

Please also bring work gloves if possible, although we have a limited supply on hand if necessary.

You do not need to bring any tools.

What do I need to wear?

Please come prepared with weather-suitable clothing e.g. proper waterproofs for rain, plenty of layers for cold weather. Stout waterproof walking boots are very strongly advised.

For summer volunteering sessions, we recommend wearing light long trousers and a light long-sleeved top to avoid too much exposure of skin to the sun and protect against tick bites. Tucking trousers into socks can also help avoid this. Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses with suitable UV protection are also advised.

How do I get to the sites?

Directions to the sites can be found in your eventbrite confirmation email. If you need help with directions less than 24 hours before the session or on a weekend, please contact your volunteer leader for the day. Their details can also be found on the bottom of your eventbrite confirmation email.

For any time around this, please contact us at

How accessible are the sites?

Accessibility varies from site to site. You can find more information on this on Our Woodlands page.

Can I bring my dog?

Due to preserving biodiversity, we do not allow dogs onsite, except assistance dogs.

I can no longer attend a volunteering day, who do I contact?

If you need to cancel your place less than 24hrs before the session or on a weekend, please contact your volunteer leader for the day. Their details can be found on the bottom of your eventbrite confirmation email.

For any time around this, please contact us at