About this woodland

Pudding Brook Wood, our second new woodland, was planted in the winter of 2021 and 2022 with the help of over 500 volunteers.

It has been planted with a resilient mix of over 20 different native species. Natural regeneration areas have also been left to allow local trees to create their own woodland over time. Shrubby edges and smaller trees flank the woodland groves with generous open space contributing to a diverse mix of habitats and ecotones.


Trees Planted


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Map of Pudding Brook Wood

Our Vision for the new wood

In fifty years, Pudding Brook Wood will be a flourishing and healthy young woodland, providing essential ecosystem services through locking up carbon and facilitating local nature recovery.

The seasonally wet site will support a rich assemblage of flora and fauna, unique to this wet habitat, with open grown trees, denser woodland groves and species rich open space. The wood will be entering a time of increased challenges but its resilience through a diverse and appropriate species mix will allow it to thrive and be an asset not just to local wildlife but also to the local population. Public amenity and engagement will be active through a well-organised and functioning Friends of Pudding Brook Wood Group, overseeing regular maintenance and conservation days and the continued provision of the family picnic area next to the popular cycle path. It will be a vital local asset that is cherished and owned by those that help to support and use it.

What we have planted

Pedunculate Oak
Field Maple

Volunteering at this wood

Two volunteers planting a tree

Image - Canopy and Stars


Pudding Brook Wood is a managed access site to allow the woodland to develop. If you would like to visit Pudding Brook Wood, just come along to our events and volunteering days.

Please note there are no hardstanding paths at Pudding Brook Wood.

Volunteering at Pudding Brook Wood
Family tree planting at Hazeland

Image - Daisy Brasington


We hold regular volunteering sessions at Pudding Brook Wood for conservation and tree care, as well as tree planting in the winter. Join our fantastic team of volunteers to support biodiversity and help the new woodland establish.

Volunteer at this wood

A HUGE thank you

Pudding Brook Wood would never have got off the ground without the generous donations and funding support from Great Western Community Forest, Peoples Postcode Lottery, Hargreaves Lansdown, Wiltshire Council, Chippenham Town Council, Ratford Village Fete, OneTreePlanted, Bolt, Everoze and the many other generous individuals and companies. Time was also generously given by over 500 volunteers, families and children, a massive collective community effort which deserves a big round of applause.